If we displease God, does it matter whom we please? If we please Him does it matter whom we displease?” 
― Leonard Ravenhill, Why Revival Tarries: A Classic on Revival


Several quotes on our need of the Holy Spirit
“If we had the Spirit sealing our ministry with a power it would signify very little about talent. Men might be poor and uneducated, their words might be broken and ungrammatical; but if the might of the Spirit attended them, the humblest evangelist would be more successful than the most learned of divines, or the most eloquent of preachers.

It is an extraordinary power from God, not talent, that wins the day. It is an extraordinary spiritual unction not extraordinary mental power, that we need. Mental power may fill a chapel but spiritual power fills the church with soul anguish. Mental power may gather a large congregation. but only spiritual power will save souls. What we need is spiritual power.” – Chas. H. Spurgeon

“Let the Spirit be lacking, and there may be wisdom of words, but not the wisdom of God; the powers of oratory, but not the power of God; the demonstration of argument and the logic of the schools, but not the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, the all-convincing logic of His lightning flash, such as convinced Saul before the Damascus gate. When the Spirit was outpoured the disciples were all filled with power from on high, the most unlettered tongue could silence gainsayers, and with its new fire burn its way through obstacles as flames fanned by mighty winds sweep through forests.”- Arthur T. Pierson.

“The ministers of the Gospel must need have this power of the Holy Spirit because otherwise, they are not sufficient for the ministry. For no man is sufficient for the work of the ministry by any natural parts and abilities of his own, nor yet by any acquired parts of human learning and knowledge, but only by this power of the Holy Spirit; till he be endued with this, notwithstanding all his other accomplishments, he is altogether insufficient. And therefore the very apostles were to keep silent, till they were endued with this power; they were to wait at Jerusalem, till they had received the promise of the Spirit, and not to preach till then.”

“If they have not this power of the Holy Spirit they have not powered at all. And therefore, seeing the ministers of the Gospel have not powered from beneath, they must needs have power from on high; seeing they have no fleshly power, they must needs have spiritual power; seeing they have no power from earth and from men, they must needs have power from heaven and from God: that is, the power of the Holy Spirit coming on them; or else they have no power at all.” – Wm. Dell.

“‘They continued with one accord in prayer and supplication.’ Prayer earnest, prayer United, and prayer persevering, these are the conditions; and, these being fulfilled, we shall assuredly be ‘endued with Power from on High.’ We should never expect that the Power will fall upon us just because we happen once to awake and ask for it. Nor have any community of Christians a right to look for a great Manifestation of the Spirit, if they are not all ready to join in supplication, and ‘with one accord,’ to wait and pray as if it were the concern of each one.

“It is only by waiting before that throne of grace that we become endued with the Holy Fire; but he who waits there long and believingly will imbibe that Fire, and come forth from his communion with God, bearing tokens of where he has been. For the individual believer, and, above all, for every labourer in the Lord’s vineyard, the only way to gain spiritual Power is by secret waiting at the throne of God, for the Baptism.
“If thou, then, wouldst have thy soul surcharged with the Fire of God, so that those who come nigh to thee shall feel some mysterious influence proceeding out from thee, thou must draw nigh to the source of that Fire, to the throne of God and of the Lamb, and shut thyself out from the world–that cold world, which so swiftly steals our Fire away. Enter into thy closet, and shut thy door, and there, isolated, before the throne, await the Baptism; then the Fire shall fill thee, and when thou comest forth, Holy Power will attend thee, and thou shalt labour not in thine own strength, but ‘in demonstration of the Spirit, and of Power.’ ” – Wm. Arthur.


“About three in the morning as we were continuing instant in prayer, the power of God came mightily upon us, insomuch that many cried out for exceeding joy, and many fell to the ground. As soon as we recovered a little from the awe and amazement at the presence of His Majesty, we broke out with one voice, ‘We praise Thee, O God, we acknowledge Thee to be the Lord.’ “–John Wesley.

“I was wary of a cold heart towards Christ and His sacrifice, and the work of His Spirit—of a cold heart in the pulpit, in secret prayer, and in a study, for fifteen years previously, I had felt my heart burning within as if going to Emmaus with Jesus. On a day ever to be remembered by me, as I was climbing up towards Cadair Idris, I considered it to be incumbent upon me to pray, however hard I felt in my heart, and however worldly the frame of my spirit was. Having begun in the name of Jesus, I soon felt, as it were, the fetters loosening, and the old hardness of heart softening, and, as I thought, mountains of frost and snow dissolving and melting within me. This engendered confidence in my soul in the promise of the Holy Ghost. I felt my whole mind relieved from some great bondage; tears flowed copiously, and I was constrained to cry out for the gracious visits of God, by restoring to my soul the joys of His salvation; and that He would visit the churches of the saints and nearly all the ministers in the principality by their names.

“This struggle lasted for three hours: it rose again and again, like one wave after another, or a high flowing tide, driven by a strong wind, until my nature became faint by weeping and crying. Thus I resigned myself to Christ, body and soul, gifts and labours–all my life—every day, and every hour that remained for me; and all my cares I committed to Christ. From this time I was made to expect the goodness of God to churches, and to myself. In the first religious meetings after this, I felt as if I had been removed from the cold and sterile regions of spiritual frost, into the verdant fields of Divine promises. The former striving with God in prayer, and the longing anxiety for the conversion of sinners, which I experienced at Lynn, were now restored. I had a hold of the promises of God. The result was, when I returned home, the first thing that arrested my attention was that the Spirit was working also in the brethren in Anglesea, inducing in them a spirit of prayer, especially in two of the deacons, who were particularly importunate that God would visit us in mercy, and render the Word of His grace effectual amongst us for the conversion of sinners.”

Now, apparently strengthened as by a new spirit, with “might in the inner man,” he laboured with renewed energy and zeal; and new and singular blessings descended upon his labours. In two years, his ten preaching places in Anglesea were increased to twenty, and six hundred converts were added to the church under his immediate care.–Christmas Evans.

All the above quotes found in Oswald J. Smith, The Revival We Need, pp. 33-46

Revival is the same as Pentecost
The antecedents, accompaniments, and results of revivals are always substantially the same as in the case of Pentecost.

Charles Finney, quoted A.Wallis, In the Day of Thy Power.

No revival without the Holy Spirit
“There can be no revival apart from the Holy Ghost; He is the author of every Heaven-sent movement.”

James Alexander Stewart

Let’s call the name of JESUS