Coming Revival

About Me

In India, my mother prayers every day, She prays for the local community, the church, all relatives, children and Grand Children’s.

I was born in Ludhiana in the State of Punjab, India. My mother parents are from the Sikh religion from the village Hiana Khurd, Nabha, Patiala. Father side are from the Jain Hindu religion from Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Born in 7 months premature and doctors told them they could not do more, my mother prayed that he gave me this child, save him and keep him in this world, and I will give him to you to use for your Glory.

Schooling was done in Ludhiana; the church was a part of life, Sunday school in early years, the missionaries came we learn all bible stories. At a young age, Sunday used to be in Church. In my heart, I was always ready for Church work in any shape or form.

As the college days started, something was missing, I was hooked to the world, but my mother and aunts were praying for all the children.

Very important to have Mother or other family members praying and covering for you. GOD is listening to every prayer and will answer in HIS good time. Never stop talking to Heavenly Father.

During that time, we used to have a group of young boys and girls who used to pray every day in a room. I used to watch them as they used to go across the playground. I used to think why everyday Sunday is okay.

Then one day that evening, I think it was my time… I was going to the small room with the group. There were 8 -12 youth sitting on the floor and praise, worship and then Prayer… No time limit, no human leader but all lead by the Holy Spirit.

The Revival FIRE

Precious Holy Spirit, we want the revival of Fire in our Land, revive us from our laziness, sleepiness. We already know what is to do, how to seek you, how to pray, how to read and follow the word. BUT we don’t, my GOD, we have shy. We think of other people, think about what the church will say, and think about our family friends. OH GOD remove the blindness from our EYES .. let us worship, pray with you as the apostles did when they were filled with the Holy Spirit; they left everything and want to preach the Word and Pray and Pray.

Revive us, Revive us master with that FIRE and Zeal to seek your truth and move on the land to the corners to the lost humanity to share your word, not to the Christians or Churches but those who had not heard your word WORD that is the commission to everyone.

Revival Revival with your consuming fire master is all we need.