“My goal is GOD HIMSELF. Not joy, not peace, not even blessing but HIMSELF…my GOD.” 
― Leonard Ravenhill


Repent is a dangerous message!
Joseph Parker said, more than a century ago, “The man whose little sermon is ‘repent’ sets himself against his age, and will for the time being be battered mercilessly by the age whose moral tone he challenges. There is but one end for such a man — ‘off with his head!’ You had better not try to preach repentance until you have pledged your head to heaven.”

The Church must first repent
A revival of religion is indispensable to avert the judgements of God from the church…The fact is, Christians are more to blame for not being revived than sinners are for not being converted. And if Christians are not awakened, they may know assuredly that God will visit them with His judgements. How often God visited the Jewish church with judgements because they would not repent and be revived at the call of His prophets.

Charles Finney, quoted A. Wallis, In the Day of Thy Power