The Church is Sleeping and Busy in NUMBERS.  The Congregation and Conferences, NO PRAYER NO PRAYER AT ALL ….. Time will come when Persecution will come to Church.

In the coming days, the heart and senses or Men and Women will become cold, intolerant, hate, crime, all kind of evil will grow. The enemy will bring thing through media, internet, drugs, music any other fashion to amuse and blindfolded the humanity.

As a believer it will be a test of our Faith, this will be time to PRAY for the repentance our neighbours, people in our suburbs, our colleagues, family, cities and nations. The heart of Father is looking for those who are ready to cry, groan, kneel and pray for the Pastors, Churches who ready to pray, pray and pray. Only key Prayer, Faith and Hunger … Seek HIM with all our heart, mind and soul, seek HIM till HE is found.