John Fletcher

John Fletcher  Sept 12, 1729 — Aug 14, 1785

One of the most remarkable ministers in English history, and in all the history of the Christian Church, was an Anglican priest by the name of John William Fletcher (1729-1785), “First Theologian of Methodism.” Fletcher was a close companion with John and Charles Wesley and had been hand picked by Wesley to succeed himself as leader of British Methodism, but Fletcher died before John Wesley.The following excerpt is taken from an unpublished work titled, “John William Fletcher, Vicar Of Madeley: A Pastoral Theology.”

The priesthood of all believers encompasses the vital task of intercessory prayer.Christ’s sacrifice is the foundation through which intercession is made to theFather. Both the unbeliever and the believer are recipients of the complementary intercession of the So complementary intercession of the Son and Spirit. By virtue of their participation inChrist, all believers become intercessors and join in the “holy priesthood  offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” But forFletcher, the place of prayer in the life of the pastor is one of great importance.