Today’s church, worship leaders need to go back to Old Hymns, need to listen to the history, they are written with blood and tears, the persecution, the blood, the sorrow, the pain, the passion, the Fire through which Holy spirit gave the Songs.  Each of these songs is anointed and is full of worship.

This is my desire that we learn from the History and apply and get empower and ask the Holy spirit and pray and pray for the revival in our Land. Pray to Sing to HIM as one is worshiping before the throne.

Only thing comes to my heart is the worship should be in togetherness and oneness, and once we are in oneness and all church sing together from the bottom of the heart, one will see the atmosphere changes, one will see tears and conviction will start, one will see the songs will change. possible it will be no music just we stand in AWE of Him.

It has to be in togetherness and oneness and then JESUS will come and invade the whole church that is what we need.

Our the worship leaders, praying and fasting and crying out for that move, do they go with that deep desire and hunger which can break all the strongholds and bring oneness and HIS throne.  We don’t want performances or concert we want to come deep desire to see HIS move and Revival in the land.

OLD Hymns and Story behind THEM.

Amazing Grace – John Newton
What a Friend We Have in Jesus – Joseph M. Scriven 1855